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A free gift for keeping in touch with Somerset Waste Partnership
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Along with being first with the news, there is another great reason to join the many thousands of subscribers – a free green gift for you.
The gift is a roll of compostable liners for your food caddy to help you recycle all unavoidable Christmas food waste.
All food you recycle is eaten by greedy billions of burping bacteria at
Somerset’s Walpole anaerobic digestion plant, generating electricity and
creating farm compost.
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The free gift offer is available until Saturday 12 January 2019, while
stocks last.
Compostable liners help keep kitchen caddies clean. You can also line
your caddy with newspaper if you prefer.
NB: the easiest way to separate liners from the roll is to scrunch together
the bags either side of perforations and pull apart, rather than tearing
along perforations.