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This is the Henstridge Parish Council - Meetings 2016 Page

Latest Information

Council Agenda for  2/Oct/2017
Council Minutes for 7/Aug/2017
Open Spaces Committee Minutes for 19/Jun/2017
NEW Finance Documents and Annual Return
News from SSDC's Health & Well-Being Service

SWP Bank Holiday 2017 Collection Dates




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Agendas will be posted as soon as published.  Draft minutes are published shortly after the meeting, but will not become approved until after the following meeting.

Full Council Meetings

Full Council & Committee Meetings
Agendas Minutes
5 December (Full Council) 5 December (Full Council)
21 November (Open Spaces) 21 November (Open Spaces)
24 October (Open Spaces) 24 October (Open Spaces)
3 October (Full Council) 3 October (Full Council)
26 September (Open Spaces) 26 September (Open Spaces)
5 September (Full Council) 5 September (Full Council)
15 August (Full Council) 15 August (Full Council)
25 July (Full Council) 25 July (Full Council)
4 July (Full Council) 4 July (Full Council)
20 June (Full Council) 20 June (Full Council)
20 June (Open Spaces) 20 June (Open Spaces)
6 June (Full Council) 6 June (Full Council)
16 May (Annual Parish Meeting) 16 May (Annual Parish Meeting)
3 May (Full Council) 3 May (Full Council)
25 April (Full Council) 25 April (Full Council)
25 April (Open Spaces) 25 April (Open Spaces)
4 April (Full Council) 4 April (Full Council)
21 March (Open Spaces) 21 March (Open Spaces)
7 March (Full Council) 7 March (Full Council)
15 February (Full Council) 15 February (Full Council)
15 February (Open Spaces) 15 February (Open Spaces)
15 February (Personnel) 15 February (Personnel)
1 February (Full Council) 1 February (Full Council)
4 January (Full Council) 4 January (Full Council)



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