An Introduction to Henstridge Parish

The Parish Council covers three villages:  Henstridge,  Yenston and  Bowden.

Close to the Dorset border of south east Somerset, Henstridge is located on the crossing of the A357 and A30 approximately 7 miles south of Wincanton. Situated in the heart of the Blackmore Vale the village is surrounded by open countryside, and farm land, with many fine views. To the East of the village is a former 2nd world war airfield which is now in use as an industrial area and an operational airfield used by small light aircraft, helicopters and gyrocopters.

The “Blackmore Vale” (less commonly spelt Blackmoor) is a vale, or wide valley, in North Dorset, and to a lesser extent south Somerset and south-west Wiltshire.  The purpose of this site is to publicise the work of your Parish Council with the aim of encouraging involvement and therefore local democracy.

Parish and town councils are the grass-roots of local Government. They are local authorities and although they have a limited number of statutory duties, they do have wide powers, should they decide to use them and they may, with agreement of the district or county council, exercise certain functions normally carried out by those councils. By becoming involved the local community you can directly affect how these powers are implemented.

The Parish Council is always keen to receive input from parishioners. We encourage the people of Henstridge Parish to attend council meetings as observers and a discretionary public forum is held at the beginning of every meeting so that you can put forward your views. However, the Parish Council has to operate under strict legal guidelines, which govern whether it has the powers to make decisions on issues raised. Lawful items for discussion and decision have to be listed on the Parish Council’s or Committees’ agendas.

If there is something which you feel the Parish Council should consider or if you have any queries, observations or suggestions about your local area, or about this website please use the feedback form which will be sent directly to the Parish Clerk