Somerset Waste Partnership – Recycle More Information

At the end of June this year Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) will be introducing its expanded recycling service Recycle More to South Somerset. This follows its successful launch in Mendip in October 2020 where so far it has seen recycling tonnages rise by nearly 20% and tonnages of rubbish fall by a similar amount. This is an important and exciting change to the way we recycle. Most people in Somerset are recycling. This service will make it easier to recycle even more, helping protect your environment, tackle climate change, and save taxpayers money.

Please find below information documents with further detail. 

Consultation on proposals for locally-led reorganisation of local government in Somerset

The consultation closes on 19th April 2021.

Please ensure you express your opinions on the consultation by visiting:

Road Closure Notice – Temporary Closure of Ash Walk, Henstridge.

Please be aware, there may be some disruption from Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February as Ash Walk will be closed. Temporary Closure of Ash Walk, High Street

TAKE NOTICE that in pursuance of Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991, the County Council of Somerset have made an Order PROHIBITING ALL TRAFFIC from proceeding along Ash Walk, High Street for a distance of approximately 486.00 metres.

This order will enable Somerset Highways to carry out prep and resurfacing works. The Order became effective on 26th March 2020 and will remain in force for eighteen months.

The works are now expected to commence on 15th February 2021 until 19th February 2021 between the hours of (07:30 – 17:30) for a total of 5 days.

For information about the works being carried out please contact Somerset Highways on 0300 123 2224

A map of the affected area can be found here:

Donate your old IT and support lockdown learners and vulnerable people.

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown up a digital divide for many people, which is excluding them from vital home education and social support due to a lack of suitable IT equipment at home. But the burden has not fallen on everyone equally, and it has exposed existing inequalities around digital exclusion. Too many are on the wrong side of the digital divide and a new scheme, “Laptops4learners” has recently launched across Somerset to help people cross it.

For children in families that have no computer or just share a single laptop, or that have poor internet access, keeping up with schoolwork from home can be difficult or impossible. Some of our elders also need assistance to get online enabling them to socialise again especially as many have not been outside of their homes since March last year.

Cllr Sarah Dyke who created the Laptops4Learners campaign in Somerset said “We know there are still many learners and elderly across the area without access to the IT devices they need to study or connect with others, so we are asking people to donate their old laptops, computers and other electronic items, which can then be renovated or broken down to be reinvested into the scheme and appropriate IT equipment donated back into the community where it’s needed”. Sarah added “This initiative is both friendly for people and for the environment, as reusing and recycling reduces demand for new IT products and reduces the CO2 and the environmental impact in making and buying new. These IT products will have their life extended, reducing the need to produce more.”

Sarah has engaged the support of local resident and business owner Simon Barfoot, and they are appealing to local community groups, PTA’s, sports and social clubs, and individuals to donate their unwanted laptops, tablets and other ICT products. Simon’s business, Blackmore IT – a specialist in IT recycling since 1995, will collect your donated IT, wipe all data before upcycling and renovating the equipment ready to donate it back to the community group to make sure it gets to where it’s needed most. You too can have a say on who gets help, if you know someone in need where you live.

Simon said “On average 5 items of tech are left unused in our homes having been replaced by newer products.  On top of this are many organisations and companies who have upgraded their IT and have valuable space taken up by spare and outdated IT, all of which would be perfect donations for this scheme”. He added “In our area alone there are probably enough PCs and tech to make sure every child who needs a computer can have one. We still need many more laptops to meet demand for the campaign.” Simon is encouraging anyone with ideas or laptops they want to donate to get in touch.

People or organisations wishing to support the campaign or donate old IT hardware should contact Simon Barfoot by email

For more details about you can help promote the scheme, contact Cllr Sarah Dyke

Businesses urged to claim tier and lockdown grants

Businesses in South Somerset are now able to apply for grant funding to support them through the current restrictions.

Due to existing data that the Council holds we have already been able to pay over £2.5m in business grants covering the national lockdown period. Emails have been sent to 750 other businesses who will need to reply confirming their details are correct and anyone who hasn’t applied for a grant since spring 2020 will need to apply online.

SSDC has processed a range of mandatory and discretionary grants throughout the various tier restrictions and lockdowns each with differing criteria and application windows. Businesses grants are being administered by local councils on behalf of the Government.

The simplified claims process is split between Business Rate Payer and Non Business Rate Payer applications.

Business Rate Payers that have been mandated to close 

If you’re a business rate payer and you’ve previously been paid a grant for Tier 2, we have automatically made a grant payment for the December restrictions and January lockdown periods.

If you are a business rate payer and you’ve previously been paid a grant for the November lockdown period we will contact you with further instructions to apply. You will need to reply to an email to confirm that the details we hold for your business are correct and confirm your continued eligibility. We will then make the appropriate payment based on your rateable value.

If you have not received a grant covering the November lockdown and further tiered restrictions you will need to apply online. You can apply online at by selecting the ‘Business Rate Payer application’ dropdown. The application is now live. 

Non Business Rate Payers (Discretionary Scheme) and severely affected Business Rate Payers 

If you do not have a business rates account or your business has not been mandated to close (but you have been severely affected) you may still be eligible for grant funding through our discretionary business grant fund. You will be able to apply online at by selecting the ‘Non Business Rate Payer’ application dropdown. This application process is now live and we would encourage businesses to apply as quickly as possible.

If your business was unsuccessful in our previous discretionary scheme we would encourage you to apply again. We have been able to broaden the criteria as a result of additional funding from Government.

Councillor Val Keitch, Leader of South Somerset District Council, said: “Our staff have been working tirelessly to implement systems for business grant applications and through their hard work many businesses have already been awarded these vital grants. I would encourage businesses to check their emails and visit our website to apply for further support.”

SSDC has delivered funding of over £39m to eligible local businesses so far including payments totalling £1.6m for the second National Lockdown period, £500,000 for Tiered restrictions and over £2.5m for the third National Lockdown.

Visit for information on a range of different matters that could help and support your business and employees.

How to Beat the Fly Tippers

One of many things that parishioners bring to our attention is Fly Tipping, this horrible practice
causes damage to the environment and puts people and animals at risk and leaves a blot on our
landscape. Since lockdown with more folk walking out into the countryside for exercise this has
been brought to our attention more and more.

There are two types of fly tipping one is the driver who has had lunch etc. and just throws out all the
debris from their vehicle onto the verge, what disgusting behaviour. Just recently our Village
Ranger collected five bin bags full of this type of rubbish in the four lay-bys on the A30 and
through Camp Road, this is a cost to the parish because of these selfish people.

The other sort are ‘criminals’ they dump their own trade waste or they purport to be waste removal
operatives but then dump the stuff instead of paying for its disposal as they legally should.
This second type of criminal only profit if we give them the waste and money.

So what can we do:
Avoid doing cheap deals with people who advertise on social media.
Always ask to see their waste carrier licence, never pay cash and always insist on a receipt.
Demand a copy of the waste transfer note to prove it was legally disposed of.
Keep a record of names phone numbers and vehicle registrations.
Remember if dumped waste is traced back to you you will be liable, so please do due diligence.
If you have items you wish to get rid of first think about using Freecycle Facebook or other
platforms to sell or give away the items. Or donate to Charities who are willing to collect.
Or contact who for a fee will collect.

You can always report any form of litter or rubbish to the Parish Clerk
Or report fly-tips to

We hope to resume our Litter Pick Saturday mornings very soon we will inform when we are
allowed to start.

Until then thank you to all those who pick up litter on their walks we know you are still doing the
village proud.

Carolyn Nichols
Chair Open Spaces Committee

Skate Park Closure

The Parish Council wishes to remind parishioners that due to government guidelines and the current Covid-19 lockdown the Skate Park remains CLOSED to ensure everyone’s safety.

Upon completing weekly inspections on Friday, the barriers had been taken down to allow access to the Skate Park. Parents/carers can you please ensure that your children do not access this area. As the Skate Park is closed users who flout the rules will not be covered by any insurance. The Skate Park will remain closed until further guidance has been provided by the government and lockdown restrictions are eased.

Census 2021

Census 2021 will provide a snapshot of modern society

Households across Henstridge will soon be asked to take part in Census 2021.

The census is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives us the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. It has been carried out every decade since 1801, with the exception of 1941.

It will be the first run predominantly online, with households receiving a letter with a unique access code, allowing them to complete the questionnaire on their computers, phones or tablets.

“A successful census will ensure everyone from local government to charities can put services and funding in the places where they are most needed,” Iain Bell, deputy national statistician at the Office for National Statistics, said. 

“This could mean things like doctors’ surgeries, schools and new transport routes. That’s why it is so important everyone takes part and we have made it easier for people to do so online on any device, with help and paper questionnaires for those that need them.”

Census day will be on March 21, but households across the country will receive letters with online codes allowing them to take part from early March. 

The census will include questions about your sex, age, work, health, education, household size and ethnicity. And, for the first time, there will be a question asking people whether they have served in the armed forces, as well as voluntary questions for those aged 16 and over on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Results will be available within 12 months, although personal records will be locked away for 100 years, kept safe for future generations. 

For more information, visit