Councillors, Committees & Who’s Who

The Henstridge Register of Interests for all councillors is held here …

Henstridge Parish Councillor’s contact details



Phone no

Email address


14 Everlanes Close, 
Milborne Port,

 01963 250015

07745 270285

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-5pm

Ken Courtenay


Coombes Cottage, 16 Ash Walk, Henstridge BA8 0QD

01963 362495

07860 566428

Simon Cullum

The Millpond, Blackmoor Lane. Henstridge BA8 0SW

01963 362878

07974 231693

Peter Crocker

36 Ash Walk, Henstridge BA8 0QB

Adrian Gaymer

Pond Farm, Henstridge   BA8 0QH

01963 363222 

Elspeth Graham

9 Park Road, Henstridge. BA8 0QP

01963 364771

John Graham

Hayes House, Furge Lane, Henstridge BA8 0RN

01963 364063

Barry Howlett

Post Office House, The Cross, Henstridge BA8 0QZ

01963 363722

07969 222240

Andrew McMillan

1 Ash End Cottages, Ash End, Henstridge BA8 0PN 

Carolyn Nichols

(Chair of Open Spaces Committee)

Marsh Farm,  Camp Road. BA8 0TH

01963 363123

David Nichols


Marsh Farm, Camp Road, Henstridge BA8 0TH

01963 363123

Michael Player

8 Old Station Gardens
Henstridge, BA8 0PU


Jane Rose

4 Church Street, Henstridge BA8 0QE

01963 362048

07761 185630

Dennis Finch

36 Old Station Gardens, Henstridge

07769 441221

District and County Councillor’s contact details

Hayward Burt (SSDC)

9 Casterbridge Place, Templecombe. BA8 0AF

07543 854391

William Wallace (SSDC & SCC)

Lemons Ground, Yenston BA8 0NG

01963 370423 or


Who’s who on the Council and its Committees 2021 – 22

The Council

  • Ken Courtenay (Chair)
  • David Nichols (Vice-Chair)
  • Peter Crocker
  • Simon Cullum
  • Adrian Gaymer
  • Elspeth Graham
  • John Graham
  • Barry Howlett
  • Andrew McMillan
  • Carolyn Nichols
  • Michael Player
  • Jane Rose
  • Dennis Finch

Representatives of the Parish Council 2021-22


Barry Howlett

Community Speedwatch & Road Safety

Michael Player

Henstridge Airfield Consultative Committee

Ken Courtenay & David Nichols

Highways/Drains Representatives

Peter Crocker

Somerset Association of Local Councils

Tree Warden

Simon Cullum

Village Hall Management Committee

David Nichols

Yenston and Bowden Representative

Youth Representative

Jane Rose

Personnel Committee

The personnel committee was dissolved in November 2018. Personnel issues are now dealt with by the Full Council in conjunction with the Co-ordinating Councillor Elspeth Graham for Personnel & HR Matters.

Open Spaces Committee 2021 – 22

Carolyn Nichols (Chair), Peter Crocker, John Graham, David Nichols, Ken Courtenay and Barry Howlett (Environmental Representative)