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Santa Reopens Henstridge Play Area!

Santa has taken a well-deserved break from the North Pole and his busy festive duties to be joined by two of his elves to open the new Henstridge Play Area.

On Saturday 4th December over 60 local children and their families delightedly met the VIP guest reopening the refurbished play area and were finally allowed to use the new exciting range of play equipment following completion of the long awaited project.

The project, spearheaded by Henstridge Parish Council, is supported with grant funding from Viridor Credits and local company AJN Steelstock.  Remaining funds came from Henstridge Parish Council and Section106 funding.

The new play area was designed by HAGS and features fresh, modern equipment such as the Loly Climber, Zingo Roko Mini Seesaw and new swing sets. The play area is finished off with coloured wetpour surfacing, funky bins and new safety fencing.  Henstridge play area is the first within the South West of England to feature the Loly Climber! 

Ken Courtenay, Chairman of Henstridge Parish Council said “The Parish Council is extremely proud of this project, the Clerk and Chairman of the Open Spaces Committee worked hard during the pandemic to bring it to fruition.  The play area features a host of new equipment to be inclusive to all and will be enjoyed by children for many years to come.  The new play area is a great asset to our award winning recreation ground which also boasts a skate park, BMX pump track, green gym and multi-use games area.”

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