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Tree and Hedge Works Henstridge Recreation Ground

Henstridge Parish Council wishes to inform residents that the works to remove the hedging at Henstridge Recreation Ground will take place from Thursday 25th November until Sunday 28th November 2021.

The contractor plans to have all the trees felled in the first two days and left in situ until the Saturday 27th November. This will mean the trees will block the path which is parallel with the hedge. The path to Playfield Close will remain open for the duration of the works with some minor delays.

The felled trees will be cordoned off and forestry signs will be erected.

The works will result in the Village Hall car park being closed on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November.  The contractor will use a large biomass wood chipper which will process the entire trees into woodchip for power stations and disposed of from site by tractors and trailers.

Please note new planting will take place in due course, the Parish Council is currently in the process of producing a specification and gaining quotations.

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